Efficient testing of k8s applications mandates a k8s native approach to testing activities

Testkube natively integrates testing into k8s development and operational workflows

Testkube provides a Kubernetes-native framework
for test definition, execution and results

Integrates orchestration and execution of tests with k8s constructs and idioms - making it a natural part of k8s-native workflows (CI/CD, GitOps, etc)

Avoids vendor lock-in for CI/CD test orchestration and execution pipelines

Makes it easy to run any kind of tests - functional, load/performance, security, compliance, etc. - in your clusters, without having to wrap them in docker-images or providing network access

Modular architecture for adding new types of test scripts and executors

Hello Testkube  — Power to testers on k8s!

With my testing-hat on i’ve often contemplated why testing is so tightly tied to development tooling and related workflows. On one hand…