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The Kubernetes-native testing framework

for Testers and Developers
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What is Testkube?

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Testkube is 100% Open Source (MIT License)

Adopt Kubernetes constructs and GitOps for K8s-native testing

Use Kubernetes CRDs to manage and store tests, enabling you to validate your applications by executing tests from inside your cluster.

Decouple testing from CI/CD for improved test execution pipelines

Workflow without Testkube


Workflow with Testkube

You don’t need to do any complex configuration to run your tests: Testkube fetches the test files from your repo and executes them as you would like.
Decrease the complexity of your CI/CD pipelines by allowing Testkube to manage your testing activities.
Use multiple testing tools such has Postman, Cypress or K6, or try new ones for your tests easily thanks to Testkube’s plug-and-play architecture.

Centralize test orchestration and reporting for holistic test management

Easily store and download files generated by your tests from your Kubernetes cluster

Testkube saves all the files generated from your tests so that you can easily retrieve them. As seen in this example, this Cypress test produced a video of Testkube’s UI being tested.

Analyze all your test results
in a centralized place

After you run your tests you can watch the results in an intuitive UI, regardless of which testing framework you use.

Debug Test failures

With Testkube, it’s really easy to see all the results, logs, and artifacts of your tests in one single place.

Testkube provides a Kubernetes-native framework for test definition, execution and results

Integrates orchestration and execution of tests with k8s constructs and idioms, making it a natural part of Kubernetes-native workflows (CI/ CD, GitOps, etc)
Makes it easy to run any kind of tests —functional, load/performance, security, compliance, etc.—in your clusters, without having to wrap them in docker images or providing network access
Avoids vendor lock-in for CI/CD test orchestration and execution pipelines
Modular architecture for adding new types of test scripts and executors


Testkube natively integrates test orchestration and execution into Kubernetes and your CI/CD/GitOps pipeline

User Quotes

“Shout out to the Testkube folks! First off, they try to solve an important problem: how to e2e test applications running in a cluster the Cloud-Native way. But also, their GitHub README is BS-free! It explains the Whys and Hows concisely and hell-concretely!”
“Perfect! When i have the repo i will write here, thank you very much for the support! I really like this project!”
“Awesome work, I can confirm that the exact same script and POST command work now where they didn't before. Thank you, that was super quick.”
“I want to see this project succeed because it is a much needed field to be honest.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use Docker to run my tests?
Do I need Helm to install Testkube?
What does Testkube do exactly?
Which Operating systems is Testkube available on?
Testkube allows you avoid vendor lock-in for test orchestration and execution in CI/CD pipelines.
Testkube is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows.
Testkube removes the need for you to configure docker images to run your tests. You focus on creating the tests, while Testkube takes care of orchestrating their execution.
Yes, we use Helm charts to deploy Testkube to your cluster. If you don’t have Helm installed in your local machine, please go to the link
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